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In The Pocket - Leigh Cooke - Hermes Carre Scarf
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In The Pocket - Leigh Cooke - Hermes Carre Scarf

Price: $599.00 (USD)

Item Number: MAL2833136023

In the Pocket – Leigh Cooke - Hermes Carre Scarf BNIB


Colorway S06


The background of the scarf is kept in off-white with a hem beautifully contrasted in a light shade of mouse grey. The details are done in many shades of grey, sepia and taupe. An incredibly beautiful and neutral coloration.


‘In the Pocket’, drawn by Leigh Cooke, assembles the bits and pieces showing up when we empty our pockets (bags or drawers). We all know parts of this picture too well.


Condition: pre-owned, unworn condition


Size: Carre 90: measures 90 x 90 cm.


Version: Carre 90, Fall Winter 2007


Colorway S06 Off-white, grey, sepia, taupe


Material: 100% Twill de Soie / 100% Silk Twill, Made in France


Issues: None


Comes with Orange Box and Ribbon

Measurements: 90 x 90 cm

All photos of this In The Pocket - Leigh Cooke - Hermes Carre Scarf is the actual item you will receive. This Hermes Scarves 90® is Guaranteed Authentic. Hermes Scarves 90® is a registered trademark of Hermes Scarves 90.
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