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  Jewelry : Rings
(16 items in category)
Ring Sapphire and Baguette Diamonds
Jewelry Rings
Price: $4,650.00 USD
An attractive estate ring, set in platinum London hall-marked for 1997.  It is in the Deco style, set with a sapphire of beautiful colour, between two white diamond baguettes, in a millegrain setting.Each shoulder is set going back with three small brilliant-cut diamonds.The ring is ... N.Bloom & Son
Van Cleef & Arpels Bangle
Jewelry Rings
Price: $9,500.00 USD
A very attractive and wearable stiff bangle made circa 1980 by the well-known French jewelers Van Cleef & Arpels.  The bangle has a rope-twist design all the way around, and the front is set with three double rows of small, high-quality diamonds totaling approximately 2 ... N.Bloom & Son
Deco Ruby and Baguette Diamond Ring
Jewelry Rings
Price: $9,500.00 USD
A really beautiful, elegant and sophisticated Deco period ring, dating from the 1920s. It is set in the center with a fine ruby of 1.36 carats, which I can say with confidence is un-heat-treated, as this technique was not used at this period.  The setting ... N.Bloom & Son
Imperial Jade and Diamond Ring
Jewelry Rings
Price: $5,750.00 USD
Imperial jade is the name given to the finest colour of jadeite.  It must be a brilliant green, translucent to light, and without flaws. Jade of this quality can cost more than fine emerald. This ring is set with a marquise-shaped piece of Imperial jade, ... N.Bloom & Son
Ring- Victorian Diamond 5-stone
Jewelry Rings
Price: $2,800.00 USD
A good quality late Victorian diamond five-stone half-hoop ring. The old-mine diamonds, with an estimated total weight of 1.3 carats, are set in what is known as a 'carved' mount because the sides of the setting are hand-carved in a series of pierced scroll designs. ... N.Bloom & Son
Diamond Solitaire Ring
Jewelry Rings
Price: $6,300.00 USD
A good quality traditional diamond solitaire ring, set with a brilliant-cut diamond weighing 0.87 carats, H/I colour, VS1, in a 6-claw coronet setting, in platinum, with diamond baguette shoulders.This ring was probably made in the 1930s/40s.  It's a good ring of its type and good ... N.Bloom & Son
Star Sapphire Ring
Jewelry Rings
Price: $12,500.00 USD
Star sapphires are one of 'phenomenal' gems displaying various types of light dispersion. The six-sided star in sapphires and rubies is caused by rutile needles which are aligned at 120 degrees to each other.  It is important to have a clearly defined central star with ... N.Bloom & Son
Belle Epoque Ruby and Diamond Ring
Jewelry Rings
Price: $6,950.00 USD
Elegant belle epoque marquise-shaped ring, circa 1910, centred by a fine Siam ruby 1.72 carats, within a surround of fine quality old-cut diamonds, estimated 1 1/2 carats total weight. N.Bloom & Son
Light-fancy-yellow Diamond Flower-head Ring
Jewelry Rings
Price: $21,000.00 USD
This diamond ring takes the form of a flower-head.  It is set in the center with a light-fancy-yellow old brilliant-cut diamond of 2.67 carats, within a surround of twelve white marquise-cut diamonds totaling approximately 1.5 carats.The central diamond has no noticeable inclusions other than a ... N.Bloom & Son
Sterling Ivory David Hensel Ring
Jewelry Rings
Price: $2,300.00 USD
David Hensel is one of Britain's most talented jewellers, and sculptors, exhibited at the royal Academy Summer show, amongst others. He is not making much jewellery nowadays, preferring to concentrate on sculpture, so I was pleased to acquire this characterful ring Jester directly from him, ... N.Bloom & Son
Crowned Heart 18k Ring
Jewelry Rings
Price: $2,950.00 USD
A sentimental and traditional crowned heart ring, set with three old rose-cut diamonds in a decoratively carved shank replaceded as 18k. This ring is very much in the style of the mid-18th century, but in our opinion it is a hand-made copy, perhaps intended to ... N.Bloom & Son
American Art Nouveau Arts and Crafts Ring
Jewelry Rings
Price: $1,100.00 USD
Very unusual American Art Nouveau/Arts and Crafts ring, circa 1910/20 in sterling applied with finely modelled and chased two-colour gold flowers and foliage. Unusually for the period, the ring has a split overlapping shank, so we can easily size it for you. It comes with ... N.Bloom & Son
Rose Gold Princess Cut Diamonds Cocktail Ring
Jewelry Rings
Price: $8,950.00 USD
Spectacular cocktail ring in 14k rose gold set with between six and seven carats of high-quality Princess-cut diamonds in four invisibly-set rows. Invisible setting was invented by Van Cleef & Arpels in France in the 1930s, and involved hand-cutting grooves into adjoining stones (breaking many ... N.Bloom & Son
Retro Citrine Cocktail Ring
Jewelry Rings
Price: $985.00 USD
This ring was, interestingly, made in Egypt in the 1930s/1940s, of gold wire set with a tawny citrine of 21.36 carats. Egypt is one of the few countries outside Europe to have an official hall-marking system and this ring, althought the marks are not entirely ... N.Bloom & Son
Victorian Diamond Half-hoop Ring
Jewelry Rings
Price: $9,350.00 USD
A late 19th century 5-stone diamond half-hoop ring set with five cushion-cut old-mine diamonds of good colour and clarity with an estimated total weight of 2 1/2 carats.  It is set in an 18ct mount, stamped 750, with a fluted gallery and fleur-de-lys claw settings.  ... N.Bloom & Son
Old Mine Cut Diamond Ring
Jewelry Rings
Price: $11,950.00 USD
For those who like old -mine cut diamonds, which many people think have much more character than the modern brilliant-cut, this is a very attractive ring. This diamond was cut around 1900 when diamonds started to be cut round, as opposed to the earlier cushion-shaped ... N.Bloom & Son
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