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5 Stars

See what our Malleries sellers have to say about us.

Plain Janes Luxury Boutique

The perfect solution for dealers on every level. I was thrilled to find The Malleries. All my items are readily found in Google, the site presentation is elegant and easy to use, simple auction templates and great personal customer service. Plus the other Dealers sell the best of the best, displayed beautifully and conduct business with great integrity. The feedback from my customers is very positive. They love how easy this site is to use, and of course its fantastic that Malleries is a site with quality and authentic luxury only. ".

-- Janet, Plain Janes Luxury Boutique

We wish to express our gratitude to Malleries for their commitment to A+ Customer Service! Our business has grown being one of your Recommended Sellers, and it has been our pleasure to work with hundreds of new customers through your site. A Heartfelt Thank you!

-- Katherine, Authentic.LV.LadyNiltiak

Marlene Harris Collection
Malleries has been a good choice for me. Everything on the site is of the highest of quality and I am pleased to be associated with the "finer things in life". I can hardly wait to see what is posted each day because there is such a variety of interesting merchandise. I have only been on Malleries for a short period of time, and my sales have been fantastic! Management has been more than helpful in every way. I am so thankful to be a part of this outstanding mall and I highly recommend it to anyone with quality goods to sell.

-- Marlene Harris, Marlene Harris Collection

Strictly Pursonal
If you ever had a dream to own your own store, you can make that dream a reality by being a part of Malleries online shopping mall. Call me a "snob" but I love designer handbags and the business of selling designer handbags! My biggest trepidation was that I knew it would be very hard work and after research and trial and error I also realized that it was expensive to reach potential buyers on the Internet.

Then.......along came Malleries!! I met the founder of Malleries at a trade show and we began to talk. She invited me to be a part of her the Malleries online luxury mall and it was love at first sight! My business has boomed (too much is my biggest complaint!).. thank you Malleries. Malleries offers sellers many easy to use functions that help them sell, and the staff are the most wonderful and very helpful. My life has been enlightened by being a part of this wonderful organization.

If anyone would like to speak to me about becoming a part of Malleries, please feel free to contact us. Most sincerely,

-- Michele, Strictly Pursonal

Only Authentics
I would like to send a note of thanks for your time and assistance during the initial set up of our storefront on Malleries. We are thrilled to be a part of this wonderful concept and ever-grateful to your technical staff for their willingness to help us along. We find your templates very easy to use and the phone support prompt and friendly. We were also amazed at how affordable a store front on Malleries is and how quickly our listings showed up on Google. As branding is an important part of running an on line business today, we feel just having a presence on Malleries is money well spent.

Thank you again and please feel free to pass on our number to any prospective store owner. We would highly recommend Malleries to anyone looking to grow their business.

-- Virgil, Only Authentics

Always In Style Luxury Goods
As an Antique dealer and having sold on-line for several years and on other mall sites, I find The Shops At Malleries is the perfect way to offer our merchandise. Presented in an elegant way, we are delighted with easy up-load & navigation system the mall offers us & our customers. The Shops At Malleries provides my customers with a shopping experience which seems refreshingly intimate and elegant. I admire the way the mall caters to the most discriminating Antique & Art collectors as well as to customers looking for the finest luxury goods, not available on other internet mall sites at this time.

By joining Malleries, we have substantially increased the traffic to our site and dramatically increased sales. I would recommend The Shops At Malleries to any dealer looking for the best way to get results on-line and fast!.

-- Always In Style Luxury Goods

Chanel Touch
I have to say too that, the buyers on Malleries are absolutely the best. Always kind, respectful and serious about doing business. For the most part too, they are much more knowledgable about authentic goods than what we experience on ebay.

-- Cyndee, Chanel Touch

Malleries Customer Feedback
Below are just a few examples of the feedback Malleries has received from our customers.

Thank you for your excellent service and quick response. The bag is absolutely beautiful and I love it! Looking forward to purchasing from you again. I love Malleries and will shop at Malleries again! Regards
- Elaine

Just bought an Hermes GP from Authentique-Luxe. Was bit apprehensive at first as they seem so new but decided to go ahead with the purchase as I already have a GP therefore I could tell from the pictures that it was authentic. Immediately after I made the purchase, Florine of AL sent me an email. She even states what time she was going to the post office due to the time difference. That was quite an assurance for me. Parcel arrived and everything is in order as per description. Pleasant seller.
- Jasmine

I want to thank you for the terrific leather and pearl multistrand necklace, which arrived yesterday. I so appreciate the fast shipping and careful, beautiful wrapping and packaging. What a treat to have the necklace wrapped like a gift! And thanks also for the gift of the silk pouch. It was such a pleasure doing business with you, and I look forward to doing so again in the future. :) Thanks again!
- Mabel

OMG Thank you so much! I picked up my Louis Vuitton chian link monogram handbag from the post office yesterday and couldn't believe I actually had it in my hands! Its a beautiful piece of art I will take good care of and cherish for the rest of my life! Thank you for being so diligent in making sure the products you sell are REAL. Nothing can match the quality this brand puts into every item they make, that's why I don't mind paying for them. I'm so excited I got to add this master piece to my collection. New dedicated customer,
- Maria Bravo L

I had heard of Malleries because I am a big fan of Hermes, and you have a good reputation for authentic Hermes goods. When I Googled luxury consignment options, I recognized your name, and when I consulted your site, I appreciated the very straightforward process for contacting you and submitting merchandise. Finally, you have all been amazingly prompt and friendly with your e-mails, which is very reassuring when one is sending potentially thousands of dollars’ worth of merchandise from one end of the US to the other! All of those things led me to choose your service.
- Belinda, NYC

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