Chanel CC Scarf Sarong Camellia 4-leaf Lucky Clover Florence New

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CHANEL Camellia Clover CC Scarf Sarong


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Colorful Pop Art scarf purchased by us at CHANEL boutique in FIRENZE, ITALIA at the romantic Piazza della Signoria where a copy of Michelangelo's David statue is almost facing the CHANEL boutique as seen in our personal Florence photo 

(As others who have also shopped at CHANEL's boutiques in Europe have noticed, items purchased at CHANEL boutiques in Europe do not come with the removable paper tags)  


We do not usually disclose exactly which CHANEL boutiques we purchased from due to privacy but this exceptional scarf was purchased by us at the CHANEL boutique in FLORENCE, one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world.

How fitting that this lovely artistic scarf is purchased from the birthplace of the Renaissance. 

What sets apart: many of our exquisite and rare collectibles are purchased by us at CHANEL boutiques in PARIS and other EUROPEAN cities

(CHANEL scarves with similar dimensions were being offered for as much as $735 + shipping and now $695 + shipping on Malleries)


Turn heads with this most beautiful Authentic Chanel scarf, which combines Karl Lagerfeld's sketching design and andy Warhol's bold Pop Art style.

It features a big CC logo in the middle with Chanel's favorite camellia flowers and a lucky charm 4-leaf clover surrounding it.

Instant glamour and sophistication.

It will look great not only with formal and business attire but you can also wear it with jeans and other casual wear. There are so many ways to use: as a head scarf, neck scarf, belt, tie around your purse, or even wear as a colorful sarong on the beach (if it fits you).

It is Authentic, brand new, and unused. 100% silk. Made in Italy. Scarf is sensual and elegant. 


Dimensions: approximately 34" x 33". 

Dry clean only. Please note it is not recommended to iron it yourself at home since that will damage it. 

Lovingly presented in CHANEL scarf gift box. Wonderful gift for yourself or loved one. 

Small CHANEL shopping bag with camellia flower sticker available upon request.


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