Coco Chanel VIP Card Brooch Necklace Karl Lagerfeld Art Drawing

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Item Description:

ALL CHANEL items are straight from Paris and specifically 31 rue cambon (being the headquarters of CHANEL) of course but ALL OUR CHANEL VIP cards (and the PRETTIEST) were GIVEN TO US PERSONALLY AT CHANEL BOUTIQUES IN PARIS 


(Authentic jewelry items from 31 rue cambon arrive in special WHITE color 31 rue cambon box and we have offered several of them on Malleries. If some claim to be from 31 rue cambon and there is no 31 rue cambon white box for any of their item, it is not from 31 rue cambon)  


What sets apart: many of our exquisite CHANEL items are purchased personally by us at CHANEL boutiques in PARIS and other EUROPEAN cities    


(Items purchased at CHANEL boutiques in Europe do not come with the removable paper tags) 


EUROPEAN Drawing Art Collector's Item AUTHENTIC CHANEL Artistic Fashion VIP Card with COCO CHANEL Sketch by Karl Lagerfeld

The sketch is like the ones that Karl Lagerfeld does every time he designs a new collection for CHANEL

Authentic CHANEL card (about 4.7" x 6.7") from Chanel boutique in EUROPE with a print of two lovely COCO CHANEL sketches by Karl Lagerfeld on the front. A large Coco Chanel wearing CHANEL accessories (hat, brooch, necklace) and a smaller CHANEL figure all dressed in CHANEL and carrying a CHANEL handbag.

Karl Lagerfeld's signature is also on the print as with all the Authentic CHANEL VIP cards we offer 

This rare limited edition Authentic CHANEL collector's item was given to VIP customers only as a gift: we received it at a CHANEL boutique in Europe.

More than just a card, it is an artistic expression by Karl Lagerfeld of a CHANEL woman. It gives a window to his genius mind and lets us have a glimpse of how he designed the CHANEL items. You can even have it framed in a small frame as a piece of art.

The card is Authentic, brand new, and unused and in perfect condition as all our Authentic CHANEL items.


Inside the card says CHANEL. Otherwise, it is blank. The back of the card is blank. Color is off-white/white. It comes in original blank envelope. 

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